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The Brave Mystics Band features electric guitar, electric baritone guitar, piano/organ, bass and drums, and vocals. Inspired by Classic Rock with influences from the Blues, Motown, Jazz, Southern Rock, and Soul- the band performs songs from the 60’s and 70’s as well as danceable originals. You could say we love to play BOTH kinds of music: OLD songs… and NEW songs- Brave Mystic Style.

Each one of the Brave Mystics has a unique background with plenty of musical diversity, yet there are many common threads running through this band. Improvisation is one of the major factors driving us- but connection with the song, the words, and the listener… these desires unify us as well. Plus… we love to play great music together. Brave Mystic Style. Wanna hear the music now? Listen HERE

We will bravely follow the path that honors creativity and improvisation. We cast aside the safety net and embrace the jam, our conductor. . .the invisible hand.

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